Dr Oby Ezekwusili, 2019 Presidential Candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN

Breaking; Former President Endorse Oby Ezekwesili For 2019

Dr Oby Ezekwusili, 2019 Presidential Candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN
Dr Oby Ezekwusili, 2019 Presidential Candidate of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN

Breaking; Former President Endorse Oby Ezekwesili For 2019; The presidential aspirants of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN) and one of the outstanding women Nigeria has ever produced Dr Oby Ezekwusili can possibly become Mama Of Nigeria in 2019 general election. Oby has gained a high international reputation among other presidential candidates, Recently the former president of Malawi, Joyce Banda endorsed Oby to evacuate Buhari among others in 2019 general election.

The former president described Ezekwusili as the only one with the dogmatic and outstanding quality of what Nigerians need as President, she recommended Oby Ezekwusili to all Nigerians that have the goodwill of the country at heart to support Oby for  Nigeria Presidential Position.

The Former president in the interview attributed her success of leading the good people Malawi to where they are today to the advice Dr Oby Ezekwusili gave her during the time country was in turmoil and if such a resolute and credible woman could offer that advice to outsiders, nothing will stop her executing a more wonderful achievement in her own country.

This she said; ” While fighting corruption my Presidency in 2013, Oby Ezekwusili advised me to protect myself with Forensic audit, which the United kingdom supported. I am grateful for this transparent, accountable daughter of Africa; a servant leader pushing #Nigeria #Hope2019″

However in addition to the recommendations by Banda Joyce Malawi Ex-president Dr Oby Ezekwusili in her own words said;

“Needless to say, every other area in our comprehensive manifesto, including our anti-corruption, sports, foreign policy, security agenda, and every other programs of our platform, will be evaluated in three question; How much wealth is it going to generate? How many jobs is it going to create? And How many people will it get out of poverty?”

Stating further she said: “we will ensure our economic success as a government, not by number of private jets parked at our airport, by the number of Nigerians we lift out of poverty who go on live a richer lives. We will put in place a massive programme of deregulation of the Nigerian Economy to unleash, the dept of competition and efficiency necessary for higher and deeper economic growth and expansion of the economy. The division and rebalancing of roles between business and government will reduce opportunity of corruption and bottleneck that limit the competitiveness of The Nigerian economy”.

Oby disclosed today Friday on CNN that if given the mandate to address Nigeria issues as president, she will disrupt corruption failed policy.

In addition,  it is obvious that this woman can actually take us to the next level, as it is said and I quote ” what a man can do, a woman can do even better” and record, When Liberal was forcing a similar issues we are facing in Nigeria today it was a woman that was entrusted into power to take and she really great, succeeded in ruling the people of liberal two times with less crisis than she met. And within us here in Nigeria, our women has done greater jobs, so many history to surviving even without husbands. Hope for 2019.

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