Tinubu and Atiku

Bola Tinubu to Dump APC; Read details here

Tinubu and Atiku
Tinubu and Atiku

The elder statesman and chieftaincy, Bola Tinubu of all progressive Congress APC, has restate that he has not in anyway said, he will support the People’s Democratic Party PDP of Atiku Abubabar against his own rightful candidate, President Mohammed Buhari in 2019 general election.

This he said in reaction to the comment made by a former minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abbah Gana, who said he(Tinubu) will work for his former friend of PDP, Atiku Abubabar in 2019.

The former FCT Minister, who seemed to be friend with both, the former Vice President, His Excellency, Atiku Abubabar and Mr President of ruling All Progressive Congress, Mohammed Buhari described Tinubu to have a good relationship with the PDP presidential candidate(Atiku) and opined that, despite Tinubu’s position in APC, he may likely dump the party in 2019 to support his former friend.

You know that, Atiku is very friendly with former Lagos state governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu,”Gana told Sun news.

He went further to say: “They formed the APC government together, I am sure that Tinubu may realize that, he faces less danger with Atiku as President“.

“They have common business, and I am sure they would work together. Tinubu has more things in common with Atiku than Buhari“. Gana concluded.

Although, a statement credited to Tunde Rahman, media aide to Tinubu, clearly states that, the elder Statesman and chieftaincy of APC, still maintain his stand to return Buhari to power in 2019 thus, discrediting the assertion made by Gana ” His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu indicated long ago where he stood on the matter of the 2019 election” the statement reads”.

“He has continued to say he remains firmly with patriot, President Mohammed Buhari in his mission to rebuild the country from the ruin of PDP of the past years” Only two days ago, he restated this position while speaking with correspondent at his States house in Abuja”.

He added that ;

” PDP could hold their meetings anywhere they liked and that Nigerians know who means well for them and is trustworthy”

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